Favors and Flavors, I dole them out with a dash of pride, a pinch of passion and ladles full of love! My name is Sarika Saxena, founder of Curries by SpiceGali. I am a Punjabi who was raised in Delhi, and came to the US with my husband when I was 23. Growing up in a Punjabi household, my mother was always cooking traditional dishes. As I grew up I acquired her flair for cooking as well as her secret recipes. My knack for cooking followed me to the United States where I had 2 beautiful children who are avid foodies like myself. As a family we constantly try new places to eat and expose ourselves to different cuisines and cultures. My husband, who loves to travel plans wonderful trips around the world where I can learn more about various styles of cooking and also bring back some spices! I use these techniques and spices to cook meals for my family.

Through the years I have realized that food can empower families, bringing contentment and good health in equal measure. Through this endeavor, I would like to bring love and fulfillment to other families. With these curries, meals can be prepared in under 15 minutes, making it convenient for you and your family to eat healthy and homemade meals. Join me as I walk down aromatic streets filled with flavor and delightful cuisines that will tickle and tempt your palate in equal measure! Come, it's time to enter my "SpiceGali".